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Achieve a flat tummy with no downtime!

Lose an avg of 6+ inches off your belly without extreme diets or exercise.

No more tears and frustration because your favorite clothes don't fit.

Regain your health, vitality, and confidence!

How many dress sizes would you like to lose in the next 90 days?
Please DO NOT proceed with this form if you are not serious about discussing your weight-loss goals with a member of our team. Do you consent to receive a phone call from Body Positive; within 24 hours to discuss the best way to reach your goals?
These amazing therapies work within just a few weeks! We are located at: 800 Old Roswell Lakes Parkway Roswell, Georgia 30076. Hours of Operation Monday-Friday 10am - 4pm and Closed Sat/Sun. Does your schedule allow multiple visits to our office in order to achieve your ultimate body goal?
Body Positive offers effective and proven therapies that require some level of financial commitment beyond one promotional visit. In order to achieve your body goals, does your budget allow for multiple visits?
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